Coming Soon – Rainy Days

Bhagawathi-Nature-Camp_explore Rain is grace; rain is the key condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life”
As above quote says without rain there would be no life…..since I am belongs to coastal area have spend a lot of time with rain from childhood….We have only two seasons Mansoon and Summer.

Bhagavathi Nature Camp, Kudremukh, Karnataka

Bhagawathi-Nature-Camp-exploreBhagavathi Nature Camp in Kudremukh, Karnataka, is situated about 23 km from the nearest town of Kalasa. This was our base for a week during our Volunteer Training Program, run by the Karnataka Ecotourism Development Board (KEDB) and Jungle Lodges and Resorts (JLR) along with the help of the Karnataka Forest Department personnel.