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Tigers and Gaur

After getting into wildlife photography, though I had been visiting jungles very frequently (almost once or twice a month) for close to 10 years, I had not seen a Tiger in the wild. That was the kind of luck I had with this big cat! I did not want to visit Bandhavgarh or other places to see it. My intent was to see it in the South-Indian jungles.

This came true in Oct 2006, when I visited Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (It was still not a Tiger reserve then). Of course, I never used to go into the wild hoping to see a Tiger; that was never on my list. The sighting at Bhadra is usually dull. During the morning safari, I saw a herd of Gaur crossing the safari path. I was very excited to see Gaurs at Bhadra and asked the driver to stop. I started photographing this herd.

The driver looked back at me and asked what I was shooting. I said "Gaurs crossing the road". To which, he said "Sudhir Sir, forget the Gaurs, shoot the two Tigers sitting on the road!!!". That was the moment I had been waiting for, for 10 years! And, what a way to see and photograph them. 

Obviously, from that distance, I could only see a huge patch of black Gaurs moving and missed seeing the two Tigers sitting on the road. That was a moment I will cherish all my life.

Sudhir Shivaram

Sudhir Shivaram is a renowned wildlife photographer in India. His long and passionate association with photography began in his student days. What started out as an exploration of the enchanting world of the camera gradually gained direction and came to focus upon wildlife photography - in particular, bird photography. Sudhir is deeply committed to the cause of wildlife conservation and follows ethical practices while photographing his subjects in the wild.

Lovely image
Posted on 10/2/13 1:59 PM.
maya matthew
Absolutely charming.
Posted on 10/29/13 7:26 PM.
Preet Lamba
this is such baby tigers..
Posted on 12/5/13 12:52 PM.
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