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Kabini Sightings
2 Leopards at different places and Pack of 4 Wild Dogs were chasing Spotted Deer...

Morning sightings:

MAMMALS: 2 Leopards at different places ( Both the leopards walked across the road).

Pack of 4 wild Dogs were chasing Spotted Deer.

Apart from that we saw Herds of Elephants, Gaur, Sambar, Stripe Necked Mongoose, Ruddy Mongoose, Wild Boars and Malabar Giant Squirrel, 

BIRDS: Brown Fish Owl, Osprey, Crested Hawk Eagle, Crested Serepent Eagle, White Bellied Woodpecker, White Bellied Drongo, Tickles Blue Flycatcher, Paradise Flycatcher, Jungle Owlet and Green Imperial Pigeon.

REPTILES: Crocodiles.