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River Tern Sightings
Dusky-Striped Squirrel, Red Shank and Malabar Trogon ( Male and Female ).

Mammals: Herd of Gaurs, Dusky-Striped Squirrel, Sambar, Barking Deer and  Wild boar.

Birds: Osprey, Shikra, Malabar pied hornbills, Red Shank, Malabar Trogon ( Male and Female ), Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Indian Grey Hornbills, Spot-bill Ducks, Small Pratincole, Great Thick-Knee and RiverTerns.

Butterflies: Common Rose, Lemon pansy and Plain Tiger  .

Spiders: Funnel-Wolf Spider.

Fishes: Fresh Water Jelly fish.


Salma Nahid
Resident Manager