Soaring with Sea Eagles

Soaring with Sea EaglesA rather disappointing family trip to Goa in October 2017 had put us off beach holidays for a while, when serendipity played its hand and we found ourselves on the long-winding drive to Devbagh, off the Karwar coast. We were going back to the island resort exactly 15 years after our first visit as newly-weds, this time with our two boys in tow. Packing our gear and the bleary-eyed boys into our car early one morning, we drove westwards with the rising sun behind us.

Windswept at Devbagh

Mullet Fish_960(2)I stand on the pier, watching smooth swirls of water from the Kali River melting into strong waves of the Arabian Sea. The waves mellow down and collect the swirls gently, like old friends reuniting. I look up and see a bridge over the river. Behind the bridge, lush green hills of the Western Ghats, reaching their fag end on the coast, stand still. The pier I am standing on is the entry point to Devbagh Island, and its location is only one of the many things that make the island so exquisite.

Crabs of Karwar

Crabs-of-KarwarThe landscape of Karwar is intricate and complex, to say the least. River Kali meets the Arabian Sea, and together the waters caress the Western Ghats. At this estuary is an island – Devbagh. The shoreline around the island is bordered by mangrove forests, making the entire area a biodiversity hotspot, as innumerable species of flora and fauna are supported by these forests.