Galibore – so near, yet so far

Galibore – so near, yet so far I had put off my trip to the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary for a long time; many things inconsequential and important contributed to this procrastination. Galibore or Bheemeshwari are usually the first choice in the corporate world when team outings are planned, with both locations being just 100km from Bangalore.

Windy Rock, Mystic River

Croc Kenneth Anderson wrote, around half a century ago, of camping in a “beautifully wooded spot” on the banks of the Cauvery, beneath “giant muthee, tamarind and jum-lum trees”. The lush littoral landscape Anderson was talking about still remains intact, and we’re just back after another exhilarating weekend spent exploring the wilderness around the Galibore Nature Camp, in the heart of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.