A Tale of Two Safaris

A Tale of Two SafarisI gripped the railing of the safari jeep a little tighter, as it whizzed past the villages and fields of Kabini on a crisp February morning. Sadly, it was almost the end of my trip, but I was filled with a tingling expectation. On the previous safari, an enormous tusker had made his way to ‘Tiger Tank’ for a cool respite from the summer heat.

Soulful Kabini

Soulful KabiniEven the smallest jaunt to a forest could be a spiritual experience for a true nature lover. This has been precisely how I’ve felt from the first moment I was taken to Nagarhole National Park; many summers of my childhood were spent waking up to the forest’s misty mornings, with Spotted Deer grazing in the backyard of our quaint little room.

The Many Lives of Kabini River Lodge – I

4(15) It is often said that it is the people who define the place. And this doesn’t ring truer than at the Kabini River Lodge. A slice of jungle heaven set in the midst of the lush green Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, the lodge soaks you in; its personalities draw you to their stories with grins of familiarity; and its nooks and corners comfort you as haunts of yore.

The Many Lives of Kabini River Lodge – II

kabini‘We do not just want our guests to just come here, hop onto a safari, shoot a few photographs and go back,’ says Shivanand. He goes on to proudly assert – ‘The experience here is much more than this. We have been taught to engage our guests; to help them appreciate the finer nuances of the way animals in the wild behave; to let them experience the joys of discovering things that they would otherwise not notice; and most importantly, try learning from them as much as they learn from us.’ Shivanand has worked as a naturalist at the Kabini River Lodge for about eight years now.

The Woods of Kabini

safariRiver Kabini winds through the wooded treasure of peninsular India, a dividing line between the two most important national parks in that area: Nagarahole Tiger Reserve and Bandipur National Park. The banks of this river are home to an unparalleled richness of fauna.