Sense of a Forest

Sense of a Forest We leave Bangalore one rain-soaked morning and somehow find the stars and the traffic signals aligning in our favour. This lush, post-monsoon countryside is the world of our nostalgia, however delusional. We live in the urban crush of the city, working in tall towers without sunlight or fresh air, but when we travel for a holiday, we like the houses to be small, the trees to be massive, and the horizon to drop away past forests..

K.Gudi’s Feathered Denizens

K.Gudi’s Feathered Denizens The K.Gudi Wilderness Camp is one of the most scenic places one can stay in, sited as it is in the midst of the BRT Tiger Reserve. The tents and log huts overlook a gentle forested slope and visitors are occasionally lucky enough to experience the odd Leopard or Sloth Bear sighting within the resort’s area itself. But this location has another significant virtue – there is some excellent birding to be had within its perimeter…

Tracking seasons in B R Hills

Kyathadevara Gudi Wilderness Camp Explore There are some places which one can never have enough of in just one trip, and every visit there manages to fascinate you as much as it had the first time around. BR Hills, also called BRT Tiger Reserve, is one such place – a place for every season. The monsoons there have their own refreshing charm while summers are privy to vistas that are quite exclusive to the season.