All the world’s a stage

Old Magazine House Explore The Old Magazine House at Ganeshgudi is the stuff of birdwatching legend. If you believed the stories, all you had to do was grab a cup of tea, take a seat in front of the birdbaths, and watch. It all sounded so fantastic that my husband, Kumar, and I had to go see it for ourselves.

Ganeshgudi: A little paradise

Old Magazine House ExploreWake up every morning to the sound of music at Ganeshgudi, a little paradise on earth. Little because of the area, paradise because of the rich bio-diversity. Ranging from tiny to large butterflies, including the Southern Birdwing, moths aplenty, ants, snails, spiders, tarantulas, Malabar Giant Squirrels, flying squirrels, reptiles and of course, lots and lots of birds, the list is endless.