Agumbe (Seetanadi nature camp)

Seethanadi-Nature-Camp_photo4 We have been to Agumbe a couple of times but never got a chance to enjoy its beauty during the monsoons and we had no intention of missing it this time. The participants swelled from 4 to 10 and finally only 3 of us made it to Agumbe. We didn’t stay at Agumbe but @ the Seetanadi nature camp, Someshwara Wildlife division at Hebri, very close to Agumbe and we had the complete dormitory all for ourselves.


seethanadi-trip Sitanadi Nature camp is a part of the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary along the banks of Seethanadi river and the place is just awe-inspiring. The nature camp is located on the banks of river Sita overlooking the Somewhwara Wildlife Sanctuary.

In Nature’s Lap at Sitanadi Camp

seethanadi-river Those who want to enjoy mother nature’s bounty find time to do so despite their chaotic and busy schedule to be in her arms and get pampered. Those who have experienced the goodness brought about by such quiet retreats swear by their frequent jaunts to such places where they get immersed in nature and her perpetual beauty.