General Guidelines:

  • Please dress in colours that blend with the forest. Khaki, brown or olive green will be just right.
  • We serve RO Water which is very safe for consumption. Kindly co-operate with us to reduce use of plastic
  • Switch off lights, fans, geyesers and close water taps when not in use.
  • Do not litter, be it on the camp or during any activity
  • Do not feed or tease the animals
  • Do not talk loudly / make noise. The quieter you are, the more the chances of your seeing wildlife.
  • Pets are not allowed in our camps

In the Camp

  • Please do park vehicles only in designated areas
  • Do not disturb the tranquility of the place, others have to come and enjoy the peace
  • Swimming is prohibited as it is risky.
  • Do not roam about in the camp after 10 PM
  • Amplified music is not permitted in any of our camps. Listen to themusic of the forest instead of your stereo.

On the Safari / Other Activities

  • Do be punctual for all activities
  • Observe and obey safety rules during safari/coracle/boat ride.
  • Avoid using perfume during outdoor activities
  • Do not carry mobile phones at outdoor activities
  • Do not carry mobile eatables into the park, if at all, carry back your wrapping material and leftovers too.
  • Do not smoke in the park
  • Do not pick up flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, feathers or anything else as souveniers.
  • Do not touch anything without the supervision of the naturalist
  • Take photographs / video of your trip, do not use a flash while taking pictures.
  • Do not get off your vehicle at any point in the park or stand on the vehicle seat.
  • The safari into the jungle can be bumpy and it is advised people with back issues avoid it.
  • Do not be disappointed if you don’t see a big cat, there are many other interesting creatures and trees / plants to be seen and cherished.