The Jungle Lodges and Resorts loyalty program (the Program) provided by Jungle Lodges and Resorts JLR  (the  Administrator),  is  designed  to  enable  its  members (the Members) to enjoy the  benefits  described  below  when  staying  at  JLR properties participating in the Program. The program  is  mainly  aimed  at  encouraging individuals who are loyal customers by providing special services  for their patronization to JLR properties. The loyalty program operates on individual  basis.




Customer: Person making an overnight stay in a Jungle Lodges Property who is not a Member of the Program.

Day-visitor: Walk in arrival where departure is on the same day as arrival.

Loyalty Member: Customer who has accepted the General Conditions of the Program.

Loyalty slab: Unit of discount in percentage points generated by a Member, in accordance with a set scale, participating in the program.

Loyalty Status: Membership level determining in what loyalty slab the member currently exists in a given period.

Family: Family members include only husband/wife, two children i.e, (1+3) members.

Current Year: Current Year refers to 12 months preceding the date of client enrolling to the loyalty program.




 The properties participating in the program are the resorts operating under Jungle Lodges and Resorts brand which are part of the Program (a list of such properties can be found on www.junglelodges.com )




4.1   Conditions for becoming a loyalty member

  • Any individual who is a major and has stayed in any of the JLR properties at least once in a current year can participate in the program. Minors cannot participate in the
  • Membership for the Program is free by applying in the prescribed application form along with recent photographs of all the family members to be
  • Application forms are available in all the JLR properties, and onjunglelodges.com website.
  • The members whose name appears on the card can only use the card, which cannot be sold, rent, transferred or
  • By becoming a member of the program, members agree to receive electronic communications relating to the operation and services offered by the Program (including information messages, and information regarding the operation of the client account). If the Customer no longer wishes to receive the information inherent to the management of the Program, he can opt out at any
  • Members of the Program accept that the Program may be modified in whole or in part or withdrawn at anytime and without priorFor any clarifications/ queries write to promotion@junglelodges.com

4.2  WAYS OF BECOMING MEMBER The Customer may join the Program:

    • If he/she has stayed atleast once at one of the properties of Jungle lodges & Resorts .
    • By registering online at the junglelodges.com, via Jungle Lodges and Resorts head office marketing centre and at all JLRL properties.
    • The customer shall provide whatever details are required and obligatory for membership (surname, given name, valid email address at the time of application for membership, postal address, telephone number and other details).
    • The applicant shall accept the program’s general


  • The client account is strictly personal. It is created and used under the Member’s sole and entire responsibility. The client account is created on an intuit personae (by reason of its strictly personal nature) basis, that is, it is at the sole discretion of the member and may not under any circumstances be shared with
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  •  To receive the benefits of the card, the Member must give his/her card number each time he/she requests a service and compulsorily produce the card on arrival at the property .
  • The card is valid for a period of 3 years and is
  • In extra ordinary circumstances where in the member fails to produce the loyalty card then admission to the property will be strictly based on the submission of individual Identity cards of each and every member visiting the property such as Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport .




  •  In the event of loss or theft, the Member must notify the Program Administrator using the “Request a duplicate” by mailing to promotion@junglelodges.com.
  • Any breach of the Conditions by the Members or any abusive or fraudulent use of the loyalty card, of the Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd., any falsification of information provided and any prejudicial or reprehensible behavior (in particular, regrettable, malicious or insulting behavior towards resort staff and park rules) may result in the termination of membership of the Program without prior notice or compensation. This termination shall be without prejudice to the Program Administrator’s right of
  • If the loyalty card is not used for a period of two consecutive years, the JLR management reserves the right to cancel the membership to the
  • The member should ensure that all bookings using the Loyalty Card shall be done only through the Head Office or online (as and when enabled). Direct booking at the resort or through Travel Agents will not be entertained.





  • The benefits shall only be by way of discounts on basic tariff on the stay package offered and at the rates prevailing at the time of booking
  • No discounts shall be extended for Day visits, Spa services, Bar services and additional activities etc., which are not a part of the standard stay package offered.


A member with valid loyalty card will hold the following discount slabs depending on the loyalty status he is entitled.

7.5% 10% 15% 20%

Note : (a) No other offer can be combined.

(b)Upgradation of the status of the Loyalty Card Holder from one slab to another will be as per the bednights used by the Loyalty Card Holder within 12 months from the date of becoming the member. The bednights used will lapse at the end of 12 months and will not be carried forward if the minimum requirement is not met.

Loyalty Slab Minimum

Visits to be made


Properties to be visited

Minimum Bed

nights to be achieved



A minimum of 1 overnight stay at any JLR resort in the

current year

10% 4 2 20
15% 5 5 30
20% 6 6 40

(All the above 3 parameters have to be satisfied.)

(c)The date for calculation of 12 months for moving from one loyalty slab to the next higher slab will be the date of fulfilling the criteria fixed for the current loyalty

(d)The status of the loyalty card holder will be downgraded to immediate lower slab if the member fails to achieve atleast the criteria (no. of visits, no. of bednights and no. of properties) applicable to the immediate lower loyalty slab.

Eg: If a member is at loyalty slab of 15% then if he fails to achieve atleast the criteria fixed for loyalty slab of 10% i.e, minimum of 4 visits (overnight stay) to minimum of 4 properties aggregating to a minimum of 20 bed nights, in the span of 12 months, then his loyalty slab will be downgraded to loyalty slab of 10%.

(e) A Member changes Status level once he has satisfied the conditions for obtaining the Status he holds within a maximum period of 12

    • If, during this period, the member again satisfies the conditions for the next Status level, the Status level is then upgraded to the next applicable higher slab. The new slab corresponding to his new Status level is automatically intimated to the member within 4 weeks
    • The 12 months period will start from the date of the guest becoming a Loyalty Card
    • The 12 month period which will be considered for the status slab up-gradation will correspond to the month of validity of the loyalty
    • If a JLRNTP member is also a loyalty card holder, the member will continue to get the benefits which are credited to a JLRNTP member, he/she can use either JLRNTP benefits or Loyalty card benefits and not in.




  •  If a Member discovers that his/her stay have not been correctly credited from his/her stay at the property, he/she can ask for the stay details to be adjusted within 6months following this stay (Check- in date as proof). To do this, he/she simply send a mail to promotion@junglelodges.com with a copy of
  • A member seeking any clarity on the Loyalty status slab can send an e-mail to the promotion@junglelodges.com asking to provide the specific.




 Any misuse of the Loyalty Card will lead to cancellation of the membership with immediate effect. Decision of the Managing Director, JLRL will be final and binding.


o A Member may decide at any time to withdraw from the Program. A Member may terminate his/her membership by sending an email stating that he/she wishes to terminate his/her membership of the Program, using the “Contact us” link on the www.junglelodges.com website.


o In all cases, the end of the membership means complete with-drawl from the Program and the definitive end of any relationship between the JLRL and the Member. This withdrawal also brings with it the deletion of all privileges accumulated at the date of such termination.




 All members of the loyalty programme are bound by the rules and regulations of the host partner Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd., which are displayed in the website www.junglelodges.com. In case of any conflict the decision of the management of Jungle Lodges and Resorts shall be final and binding.

The JLRL management at any point of time without prior intimation reserves the right to modify/withdraw/cancel the loyalty program.

11. This modified JLRL loyalty manual supersedes the existing loyalty manual and comes into immediate