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Gently paddling on the Kali River gives you an escape from the numbness of mind.  It is a soul rejuvenating experience and it shows you tranquility in its purest form.  We all love magic and we crave for it. This activity and place offers you just that. You will never have enough of the alluring beauty of Mother Nature. The best part is that you get to kayak in the back waters of the kali river with many mangroves and birds to see which are a treat to the eyes and where you can bask in the surreal beauty of the pristine nature.

Heal your souls with this beautiful nature therapy. The landscape works its way to your imagination you will carry it with you. Breathe it in, carry with you. It’s all the serenity you will ever need.


Rs. 350/- All Inclusive Rs. 300/- All Inclusive

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