18 km from Bidar, the former Bahmani capital, lies a stretch of land where the endangered blackbuck roams free. The Blackbuck Resort is nestled cozily next to the Vilaspur Lake, close to the Honnikeri Reserve Forest.  Just when you begin to adjust to the unforgiving beauty of the surroundings, the silence, as if on cue, is broken by the chorus of birds. Reminding us, that even the somber does smile.

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The unbroken landscape startles you with its deception. The Honnikeri Reserve Forest is an expanse of calm and serenity. Your cottage stands right at the lake’s shore, offering the best seats in the house for the spectacular shows nature puts up here. Early mornings and late evenings are spent following the blackbuck. A nature walk gives you plenty of opportunity to spot birds, especially the rather bold peacock. During the day, explore the city of Bidar where the relics of the Bahmani Dynasty open a chapter in history. A mix of Persian, Turkish and Hindu architectural styles testify to the various cultural influences this erstwhile capital city has witnessed. A heritage jewel box, Bidar sits like a rather ornate brooch on the heart of the Deccan Plateau. At night, after a wonderful meal, spend some time making wishes upon stars and then retire with the lullaby of the wind in your ears.


Between October and February is ideally the best time to visit. The weather is mild and the surroundings are painted in shades of green. The summer months from March to mid June are dry and sultry during the day and cool and pleasant at night. During July, August and September, the monsoons offer a different experience of the place altogether.