The Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is a forest camp for captive elephants in Karnataka. Situated at a distance of 14 km from Shimoga on the Shimoga-Thirthahalli Road, it is considered to be the best camp for training elephants in the state. The camp is maintained by the Karnataka Forest Department.

The Sakrebyle Elephant Camp attracts wildlife enthusiasts and tourists alike. It is one of those ecotourism centres in Karnataka that offers general people an opportunity to look at the huge tuskers from close quarters.

Training of elephants at the Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Shimoga

The camp houses elephants from all over Karnataka that need proper attention and training. The elephants may require training or attention due to a number of reasons like illness, behavioural issues, deficiency in nutrition, etc. Elephants that are uncontrollable are also brought in for training at this camp.

The camp has experienced mahouts who train and take care of the huge animals. Generally elephants of all ages are trained in the camp.

Main attraction of the Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Shimoga

The camp is situated in the vicinity of River Tunga. The main attraction of the camp is the interaction session allowed between the visitors and the elephants. Such a session can last for up to 2 to 3 hours.

Visitors have to reach the camp early in the morning to be able to watch the elephants being bathed in the water of the Tunga River by the mahouts. They can also watch the big animals enjoying their drink and then proceeding towards their feeding area. The place holds special attraction for kids as they get to see the large creatures enjoying by themselves in the water. Elephant ride is also provided and is subject to availability. Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is a must visit travel destination.